No movement. No stretching. No strengthening

What Is Yoga Nidra

Yoga means union and Nidra mean sleep, which means

Yoga Nidra is ‘The Yoga of Sleep’.

The union of body and mind is achieve differently than in other Yogas.  In this practice you are guided into a state of deep relaxation known as the theta brain wave state.

During which we are aware that we are in between the state of wakefulness and the world of dreams.   The point in sleep when we are completely relaxed, having let go of conscious activity.   It is at this point change is more prevalent because we are at the ture inner core of ourselves.   It is here we are speck directly to our subconscious minds, which is why we can make changes to both our bodies such as cleansing and healing and minds: thoughts and patterns of behaviour.

Who Is It For?

Yoga Nidra is NOT only for Yogis.  Non-Yogis like CEO’s and veterans in the USA who are all already reaping the rewards of this magical practice.   So ask yourself are you less than them?

Hell No!  So take the opportunity to see what Yoga Nidra can do for you.


Yoga Nidra for sleep.

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Yoga Nidra For personal development and spiritual growth.

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Yoga Nidra for pain, healing, relaxation.

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Yoga Nidra for concentration, memory, unleashed creativity.

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First ask yourself if any of these apply;

Having trouble sleeping

Want to relax

Wishes to clear their head

Looking for a creative solution

Need more energy

Looking for ways to increase their memory capacity

Working with healing trauma

Looking for personal growth

Troubled by fear, anxiety and stress

Troubled by pain

Disassociated from your body/ self

Are you an over – thinker

Looking to develop your spiritual side


Perhaps you can tick more than two of these and so I like to break my work down into four segments;


Private or Public.

Groups. Community or Commercial.

Work Places. Institutions.  Your Event Request.

Having divided Yoga Nidra practices into themes (specifically four segments) I can offer it to particular groups and to use as self care.  Since it requires no movement, strengthening or stretching there is:

No age limit

Nor fitness capability

Needed for this form of Yoga.  Both the abled and in-firmed can practice Yoga Nidra because all that is required is the willingness to follow my guidance/ voice.

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What Are The Benefits?

From the extensive list above, you can imagine your breath slowing down.  Sometimes you’ll be guided to follow a description of your breath, which will;

Increases your oxygen intake

Clears your mind

Naturally increasing your concentration

Relaxes your body

How Does Yoga Nidra Helps Resolve Problems

When we dissolve into our core and allow both our body and waking world to fall away, the right and left sides of our brains commune and we catch glimpses of ideas and see images that represent them in our minnd’s eye.  Actual solutions to problems they were posed in our mind, beforehand.  Hence we arise from Yoga Nidra energised with fewer problems.

How Does It Work?

The scentific studies of  Yoga Nidra come from our understanding of meta physics (energy).  Both from the energetic waves of the brain’s activity during sleep.  As well as the layers of energy both inside and outside a humn’s skin.  Which is refereed to as ‘Koshas’ in Yoga Nidra.  Another definition is: energy layers/ bodies.   Each one governs certain attributes and has particular functions.

Studies of brain activity during Yoga Nidra have reported the following findings as experienced by practitioners of Yoga Nidra.

Beta brain waves at 12-30Hz – Normal waking state.

Alpha brain waves at 8-12 Hz – Relaxation, flowing thoughts, daydreaming.

Theta brain waves at 4-7 Hz REM – Dreaming in a sleep state.

Alpha-Theta Boundary  – Pre/ dark – sleep.

Delta brainwaves at 0.1-4 Hz – Black, dead, unconscious sleep.

Each brainwaves correspondence to that which is experienced when we sleep.  The difference in Yoga Nidra is the element of awareness.  Therefore Yoga Nidra is the Conscious awareness of deep sleep.  In one session you will go from beta brain wave to theta, sometimes even delta.  Although the objectivity (it’s most usefulness), is to be in theta brain wave and the journey back up to beta.  Revived, refreshed, rejuvenated and well rested.

My Bio As A Healing Artist

I am a fully qualified Yoga Nidra teacher, who brings artistry to this magical form.  With  my unique use of Sound Healing and creative layers of therapeutic modals. Having travelled through many schools of Yoga, starting with Ashtanga in 1999, I see the benefit Yoga Nidra has on both Yang and Yin forms of Yoga as well as with non-yogis since it includes no movement, stretching nor strengthening.

Formally I began as an Artist, Dancer, Healer, Body Worker, Yoga teacher, Buddhist, Nomad. I take inspiration from my life and that of all sentient lives. From stages of passages to themes of nature both natural and those within our calendars as well as therapeutic inspirations; Too align, rejuvenate, embrace, heal and grow on our journey of self discovery, wonder, joy and the mysterious dimensions we progress through.  My favorite work are the Nidras I create that are powerful enough to transform the recipient’s life, naturally integrating into their lifestyle.  These Nidra I recommend to use as a monthly practice.  I also create light ones which only a hint of suggestion towards the themes of transformative healing.  Either why the receiver will get what they are ready to receive and what is right for them in that moment.  Yoga Nidra is powerful, but it is not void of you! You are in full awareness when you receive it.  Abide in a witness state.

My work as Yoga Nidra artist is aliened with my essence and that of my identity; Buddhist, Yogi, Shamanic, First Generation, Female, Mid-semester are all ME but are also not me.

What’s Unique About My Nidras

A soothing voice in Yoga Nidra can send you into a theta realm of sleep, along with the correct themes which is why I have designed Nidras, specifically to do just that.  These recordings can be used in the comfort of your own home.  The days of counting sheep are over.  Instead, you can nourish your wellbeing in the process when alleviating your sleeplessness.  Consequently you are less likely to wake up with a headache, migraine, lockjaw, and facial neuralgia because you have fallen asleep completely relaxed.

Likewise, any of the Nidra’s you purchase or receive free will have a theme.  Each donated to a particular conundrum that is obstructing your full potential.  So take a look to see what is there for you.

However, all Yoga Nidra’s regardless of their theme bear the fruits of the list above such as; relaxation, rejuvenation and stress release.   While aiding sleep, pain, concerntration, memory, creativity of ideas, knowledge and wisdom.  Benefiting your mind, body and life on earth.

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