How Does It Work &
What Is Reiki ?

It’s not nothing or a belief system.  Nor is it a myth or part of a religion/ faith system.

Reiki is simply Universal energy or whatever you wish to call it exists in all life forms, it is part of the creation of life and so it has an infinite wisdom of its own.  In the process of healing, neither the therapist or recipient can dictate what and how it will work on each individual.


The energy goes where it needs to go.  In fact, it dictates to me, the healer where I should place my hands, how long for and when I can move them along.  Meanwhile you, the receipt will respond naturally, accordingly to the energy transmission.  Whenever the receipt consciously tries to control things the energy will either become stronger, to help the receiver relax or it goes to a place where there is less resistance.

What Is It Good For?

Since it has infinite wisdom, beyond our control and is apart of all living organisms, intrinsic to the web of life and existence, interconnected to all sides and every aspect of us.  It has the ability to help most things, whether it is directly or indirectly.  To put it in another way, it works on all level of our being; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and can help in any area of our life.  To give you a clearer picture I’ve included a variety of examples I have used Reiki and been asked to use Reiki for;

  • Moving house or needing to move home
  • New job or horrible job, job training
  • Relationships
  • Grief, as well as general loss
  • Physical pain of all sorts (back pain), inflammation, acute, chronic, diseased, degenerative, terminal
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Depression, low mood Animal Healing
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • ME
  • Insomnia
  • Pelvic disorders
  • Gastric disorders
  • Love life/ broken heart
  • Life purpose/ career crisis
  • Confusion/ feeling lost/ stuck and directionless
  • Nervous/ shy
  • Stress/ tense/ tightly winded
  • Unknown worries, clenched fist, jaw, teeth
  • Spiritual and personal growth
  • Curiosity
  • Gout and other chronic illnesses
  • Arthritis
  • MS
  • Addiction

These are just a few ailments I have dealt with over the years as a Reiki therapist. Either clients have come to me to assist them through one or two of these subjects or I myself have used Reiki for this reason.  Either way, I hope you get the picture of its vast usage and feel confident that it can assist in a variety of areas in ones life.

The Practice

Begins with you lying on your back with my hands positioned underneath the base of your head.  Cradling your skull with the closed palms of my hands, makes the energy focussed/ concentrated.  Here is where I’m able to feel when you let-go and how much they ‘drop’ into your subconscious state.  Bit-by-bit I’ll feel the doping down or if you are heavily stressing the mental activity.  In time I will reposition my hands, in a total of three ways.  Each one is lighter than the other until I lay your head down.  My hands will continue to work on the sides and the front of your head, followed by your face.  I tend to stay here the longest.  Since all imbalances have a psychological component if a client mentally dissolves into the treatment then the effects are greater as well as deeper, longer lasting.

Depending on the time I have left and where my intuition is guided to go I either follow the suggested map of the Reiki practitioners training or the map the chakra system or individual system/ injury’s site.  However, the general rule of thumb is completed by traveling from head to toe.

Once I have worked on your feet, you’ll naturally enter into a different state, a more lighter one.  As you raise up from this deep state of relaxation, and back into a more waking state. I’ll finish off by working a little on the outer energy body, the part of ourselves allows us to feelings, senses and intuition.  By combing your energy field it seals the session.  Then I’ll announce it is over by thanking you!  for allowing me to be apart of your healing journey. This brings an end to the session.

Any experienced healer will also clear any wanted energy when they comb your outer energy field as well as take care of themselves.  In according to their beliefs, experience and training.

These are just a few ailments I have dealt with over the years as a Reiki therapist. Either clients have come to me to assist them through one or two of these subjects or I myself have used Reiki for this reason.  Either way, I hope you get the picture of its vast usage and feel confident that it can assist in a variety of areas in ones life.

Self Healing
Self Healing

Reiki I Training
Teaches and allows you to start practicing on yourself.
Reiki II Training
Teaches and set you up to practice on friends family and others.
Reiki III Training
Teaches you how to teach others and working in the industry.


Are you interested in training to become a Reiki healer?

The training of a Reiki practitioner is beautifully unique.  It’s called taking an ‘Empowerment’.  Probably because that is what you’ll feel like after is completed.

Unlike other trainings becoming a Reiki practitioner is not like choosing a new career, although some people do see it that way, which is fine if you are wanting to become a therapist.  If not you’ll need to beware that it’s not something that an be stopped, undone like most careers, hence my apology.  If you decide to receive an empowerment you are choosing to change an aspect of yourself for good.  Since an empowerment changes your energy field and opens you up to feel energies.  This will have a knock on effect on the rest of your life.  

As you progress along the Reiki path you will be able to feel the energy of sentient beings, both human and non-human.  Sense the presence of others as well as nature, space and natural elements that have been cut off form their roots.  You may become susceptible to feeling things that you don’t like as you become more empathic.  Over time, practice and deeper self-development this gift will grant you wisdom.     

If you have an interest in learning, please let me know by filing in a contact form and I shall be in touch to set up some dates, guidelines and treatments.

All training are done one to one.  For level III a third person is needed,  which may be provided by you or me, but they must be aged 25 and over.

Training Level I

Cost £140

Includes Manual, Lunch, Reading List.

Training Level II

Cost £180

Includes Manual, Lunch, Reading List & Follow Up

Training Level III

Cost £240

Includes Manual, Lunch, Reading List & 2 Follow Up Sessions.


Cost Free

Its when two practitioners get together and exchange.

About Me

About Me

If your still having doubts or perhaps you are filled with curiosity, pop over to the about me page.  Where you can stroll down, to read my story.  It’s kinda displayed in the chronologically, but by no means is it a memoir.

However you might just find something there that will put you at ease! About whether or not I am the therapist for you.  I say therapist because the word ‘Massage’, for some implies that I moistures people for a living when I don’t.

A friend of mine once said my work resembles that of a body psychologist and a women once said to a colleague of mine, while she proceeded to point me out ‘do you see her, walking across there, the one wearing......... She is a real medicine women’.

Anyhow enough blowing my horn.  As you can see from all the spelling and grammatical mistakes I made this site myself.  So I have no body to write such wonderful things, form a third person], perspective.