Indian Head Massage
Onsite Chair Massage

Is mostly what I do when I am working under the unbrella of my ‘Pop Up Massage Venue‘, if I’m freelance for another company or contracted to work for a business or organisation.

Who Is It For?

I use to say it was an excellent treatment for people whose job effects their upper bodies, those who spend a lot of time sitting and for those who live in their heads, but the truth is we all do from time to time.  With stress being the contributing factor to all illnesses, everyone benefits from having a shoulder massage.  

As is makes the recipient;





It’s a medicinal, pampering treat to the infirm

For individuals who are frail, vulnerable or chair-bound this may be the only way they can receive a message from a therapist and since they lack mobility and adequate physical TLC.   It is especially fruitful to administer upper body care to them, mainly because of the overuse their upper bodies suffer.

I love how it can transform a person’s  phyiscal health and their mental disposition in such a short space of time between 10 – 15 minutes.  To be able to turn a frown into a smile, a tired, misserable and suffering human being into a wholesome, grounded individual, that’s gained light in their eyes and colour in their face gives my job satifaction.

General Uses

Suffers from tinnitus, sinusitis, headaches, migraines and face neuralgia because of how much care is given to the face.   Giving relief from these symptoms when treated regularly.   Although this massage isn’t always enough to eradicate issues it can be very comforting to the suffers and supports them while they receive medication care.

What Does It Do?

Such a massage unblocks stagnate energy.

It stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system and renewing blood on a cellular level.

With the use of passive manipulation, if the arms are mobilised.

Opens the joints and spinal column if it’s done on a gravity free chair.

A series of stretches can be performed to elongate the spine and neck, contributing to you feeling taller, wider and more open.

Softening of facial muscles helps with aging and neuralgia. 

From massaging one’s head and face (of which we have 300 pressure points in, each relating to other parts of our bodies).  We bring elasticity to tight trigeminal nerves, that cause facial neuralgia, as we address bad habits like jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

You Can……… Book One

The Practice

First, the upper back is massaged in the direction of the neck then down the arms and out through the hands.  Being skilled in various models of massage I also work on the energy lines in the arms, soft tissues manipulation around the inner and outer elbows and pressure points in the hands after I massaged the larger back muscles with kneading, striping and circular motions.  I like to call these particular points of interest in the arms ‘the computer elbow’ and the ‘texting thumb’!  Often gets missed in a full body massage.

Next comes the neck massage. By turning the head and allowing the weight of it to rest at different sides, gives the neck a stretch. This combined with massage strokes loosens the astringent neck muscles which also affects the jaw, contributing to lockjaw.

Followed by the head massage. I love this bit, it feels amazing to receive!  It really shakes us up and gets us to let go of all the stuff we are thinking about and holding on too. When when I therapist ruffles the hair, tossing it all over the place, the receiver has no choice, but to give in! and let go!

If the time allows it, I go further, following a line of pressure points.  Up the back of the head and around the side, in a pattern of a snake, back and forth.  Using the pads of the forefinger, I apply a firm, yet gentle pressure in a circular motion.  Lifting, moving and rotating the scalp, section by sectioning in the pattern of this snake-like wave, meanwhile I support the other side of the head with my other hand, so you, the recipient can completely relax. letting go of your whole body, including your pelvis into the chair and the soles of your feet into the air.  While I repeat the same action on the other side.

I go from the scalp to the hair.  Finger combing the hair follicles, palm pressing the head, and massaging the temples.  All of which helps to release tension, which you’ll feel as you relax.  Waving goodbye to tension!

Second to last comes the facial massage if I think you would enjoy it or if your request it. It begins at the temples with the application of pressure points release.  Up and across the forehead, then around the eyes.  It is my job to work my way down your face.


I had two Reiki sessions and one massage from Dionne. Her Reiki sessions blew my mind! Hear reading of me was really powerful. Dionne made me feel really comfortable and safe which I really appreciated! The massage was fantastic – much needed after a dtressful period! Dionne is really knowledgeable and skilled in her practice. I really recommend her!

ReikiAnna Clare


Ending at your jaw-line, finishing at your chin.  Before moving on to your ears.  It’s a weird sensation at first, but you’ll soon settle into it when my palms cover the whole of your ears.  Bring healing energy to them as they separate you from the outside stimulation of the outer world.  By this time the recipient is so chilled out that the concept of massaging their ears is in no way foreign.  You become like a pussycat, enjoying being pampered

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About Me

About Me

If your still having doubts or perhaps you are filled with curiosity, pop over to the about me page.  Where you can stroll down, to read my story.  It’s kinda displayed in the chronologically, but by no means is it a memoir.

However you might just find something there that will put you at ease! About whether or not I am the therapist for you.  I say therapist because the word ‘Massage’, for some implies that I moistures people for a living when I don’t.

A friend of mine once said my work resembles that of a body psychologist and a women once said to a colleague of mine, while she proceeded to point me out ‘do you see her, walking across there, the one wearing……… She is a real medicine women’.

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