Holistic Massage

Over twenty year  ago I was trained in a technique called ‘Holistic Integrated Massage’.  It was a systerm derived from a man who knew, trained and sat on governing bodies (that trained and monitored) all the various styles of treatments I have listed below.  As you can imagine, his own training school incorporated everything he knew.  Hence the name Holistic Integrated Massage.  As a receipent of my work your will experience a sense of wholeness after each treatment.  No mater how long or short it is because of the level of care I give.  Having said that nothing beats a whole body massage.  I have listed all the various style below, trying to point out there difference if you are wanting to learn more.  I hope it proves useful hope.



Massage assist to rebalance a disorders, injury, either acute or/ and chronic pain.  This form of massage is extremely beneficial for person’s development.  As the receipt of such a treatment you will learn about yourself.  Lastly, I recommend it be used for body maintenance and prevention.

My Moro is ‘we service our cars and all other electrical appliances, as well as up-date them’ but we hardly think about what we’ll do when we blow our own fusses.  Remedial massage on a regular basis every 4 or 6 weeks is the maintenance service our body and mind needs.  



Massage is most likely to cover the whole body, with full palm or forearm strokes, you will benefit from the sense of wholeness and abundance.  By either the medium, deep or light pressure (you can choose).  Your muscles will feel nurtured, warm, supported as well as nourished.  By the end you will feel restored, like a computer is when it’s been updated to an early setting (when it was working properly). Therefore it makes you feel relaxed as well as vitalised, youthful and in harmony with everything.  Over the years of practicing Swedish and remedial  massage I have also trained in a technique called ‘No Hands Massage’.  Where the use of (the softness of) my forearms is mostly used and the sophisticated arrangements of pillows to help open the body for a deep experience without deep pressure being applied.  It also has a lastly effect of connectivity, as two areas of the body can be worked on simultaneously.

Therapeutic Massage

Is a holistic way of dealing with an injury or imbalance.  It will use a variety of strokes from kneading, friction, pummeling, pulsation, effleurage, rocking, pinching, vibrating, holding, plucking.  Each possibly delivered by various parts of hands, forearms, elbow, knuckles.  The penultimate goal is to bring relief to the recipient, in a holistic (relaxing) manner.  Which is why there is little difference between it and remedial.  Hence I call myself an Holistic, therapeutic masseuse.

Deep Tissue

Doesn’t mean you will be pummeled un-pleasurably.  When light pressure is applied on a trigger/pressure point, it is felt strongly and upon release the chemical reaction is very satisfying.   The effects of Deep Tissue Massage can be longer lasting than most because it restructures the postural alignment by manipulating soft tissue/ the attachments of the larger muscles.  Then the fascia tissue gains length and flexibility.  In other words by massaging both ends of a large muscle the thin sheet of muscle relaxes allowing change to reshape the body, which rebalances both referred and localised pain.  Some people find deep tissue massage painful, but it doesn’t have to be.  Instead of causing un-due pain I work with the breath.  Applying pressure on a natural exhalation to receive the maximum benefit and to induce relaxation throughout the session, there’ll be times you will nearly fall asleep.

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Focusses primarily on the area of injury, then the cause.  It is often painful because the area is already suffering.  So when deep tissue manipulation and massage is applied it feel uncomfortable and at times even more painful than in stillness. Nonetheless, a movement is needed to prevent the area from becoming frozen/ spasmodic.  Some schools interchange Sport Massage with Deep Tissue – Whereas other’s believe it to be entirely different.  Having trained holistically, I am on the fence in this debate because I come from a sports background.  As a contemporary dance I am experienced in the practice of movement, injury, recovery and rehabilitation.  Not to mention it was an injure that lead me to training as a body therapist – I have worked with other dancers, jockeys, body builders, and footballers.  This is the reason I see myself as a therapist, a body therapist.


Massage of the feet and hands in this particular way both stimulates and soothes us. Using the reflective imprints of our body’s structure and anatomy on our feet and hands, we are able to effect imbalances in the body/ mind with reflexology.  The indirect approach produces actions by redirect energy into the whole body, from the contact of these extremities.  For a complete treatment of reflexology, including diagnoses, see a reflexologist.  Having the basics in reflexology I do not diagnoses or treat a person through their feet.  Instead I use the wholistic picture of the feet to act as my grate way into the rest of the body.  Along with the Thai foot massage techniques I perform my approach manipulates the joints of the foot and ankles, creating more flexibility throughout the leg.  From the toes too the hip joints.  The same whole body imprint can be found on/ inside our heads.

Polarity Rebalances the energy systems and currents in the body.  First, you (palpate) listen via touch for the client’s rhythmic pulses, then you become in-tune to that rhythm via subtle movements.  Once you are moving their body to their internal rhythm the therapist can manipulate their rhythm by changing the rate of speed, motion, deep, vibration and ratio of the recipient’s rhythm. The techniques can be used to harmony and connect multiple parts of the body and regulate different systems.  Therefore I use a bit of this most of my treatments.  It also helps to ruff your monkey mind and stop it from analysis and dancing around.


Cranial Sacral

Rebalance the spinal fluid by placement of hands in various positions, underneath the receipt’s skull, encourages the head to open up and release, allowing the spinal fluid to flow.  For a full and complete treatment the same is done with the sacrum, thus connecting the two and rebalancing the spine itself.  For a complete treatment see a cranial sacral therapist as I am not one.  Like reflexology I am only trained in the basis of these two approaches.

Having only being trained at an introductory level I work with whats is known as the long tide/ energy within the body.  Once I connect with this I then more into Reiki.  As system that need no intellectual comprehension.  See Reiki Therapy for more details.

Traditional Thai Massage

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Thai Massage
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Homage To My Teachers

Reichian Therapy

Is psychotherapeutic bodywork.  Its history is beholden to body psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The technique uses breathing exercises, movement and minor tissue manipulation. Such chosen methods of administering tissue manipulation can either be done by what is seen in the body and told to the therapist in consultation.  In the case of a fully qualified Reichen therapist or psychotherapist, their choice of tissue manipulation is based on information transcribed in the verbal counselings

session.  With the bodywork used as a psychotherapist intervention. Such fully qualified Reichen therapist and psychotherapist assist their clients on matters as deep as trauma, repressed memories and so on.  Having been trained by a Reichan teacher I am quite a physiognomy in my approach to bodywork, hence I work with all I have to achieve a holistic end to support one’s body, emotional, mental and personal development.


Is another technique my teacher facilitates.  This form of soft tissue manipulation is about structural integration.  By working with the body in this way the therapist is realigning the body to use gravity differently than the habitual, imbalanced way it has been used to.  Through massage and movement in conjunction with applied pressure to soft tissue to gain elasticity in the fascia muscles.  The technique achieves balance by also working in muscular contrast, while one muscle is being worked on, its opposing muscle remains the freedom to relax.  Whereas I, in my capacity Thai Yoga Massage, traditional Yoga, Yoga Nidra to help my clients in this way.

My Teachers

Mr Sean D, being a practitioner of so many styles created a diploma that gave us the tools that allow us to cater for the individual’s body/mind, with the body psychotherapy approach he administers in his training and practice.

All of the above is of great influence to me, however, my background is not is psychotherapy, it is in movement and the healing arts.  Therefore I tend to look at how I can assist my bodywork in my client’s mobility and their spiritual development.

Therefore I use a combination of the above techniques to bring balance to my clients, improving their movement in all areas of their life so they may heal.  This movement may be forward or one that can not be translated on a timeline, as it may be working with their inner development.  So transformation/ growth is not subject to ordinary appearances as in the case of working with someone who is slowly dying.  What they get of it would be so rich and out of our ordinary appearance of ‘benefits of massage’.

We don’t have to wait until we are at the point of a terminal or chronic  illness before we take care of ourselves!  So book your treatment today and experience homeostasis within your body, mind/ heart.

Other Teachers

Before my formal teacher there was the man  that introduced me to him.  Mr Hemir Salt.  It’s fair to say he taught me everything I know about adulthood, including how to share my gift of massage openly and charitable, but he also introduce it to me as a professionally recognised form of healing therapy.  From there I was ready to enter the establishment.

It was serendipity that I found Hemir Salt, and his communial living space that liked all things ulternative such as massage back then.  As it was my own, biological father that was my first teach.  As a children, a baby in fact I received a back massage up untill the age of eleven.  I was a a later teenager entering my Twenty’s before I knew it was custom to be read a bed time story.

Like in the communal house of Hemir Salt, who regulare rumed his teenage son’s back and visa veras, did I relise just how fortuitous of I to have stubbled across such a community.  Having had such an up bring, myself.

Several dimplomas later, as well as challenges with my own heal as taught me that they are many kinds of massage therapist.  However the main two are those who have an innate knowing, a gift you may say and those that don’t and are later taught the methods of therapeutic body work.  I’ll let you experience the difference.

About Me

About Me

If your still having doubts or perhaps you are filled with curiosity, pop over to the about me page.  Where you can stroll down, to read my story.  It’s kinda displayed in the chronologically, but by no means is it a memoir.

However you might just find something there that will put you at ease! About whether or not I am the therapist for you.  I say therapist because the word ‘Massage’, for some implies that I moistures people for a living when I don’t.

A friend of mine once said my work resembles that of a body psychologist and a women once said to a colleague of mine, while she proceeded to point me out ‘do you see her, walking across there, the one wearing……… She is a real medicine women’.

Anyhow enough blowing my horn.  As you can see from all the spelling and grammatical mistakes I made this site myself.  So I have no body to write such wonderful things, form a third person], perspective.