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Choose a treatment and you will get it and more.  Working holistically is a bespoke practice.  Therefore when I come across an area of your body that needs an element from a different style you won’t have to rebook for a different treat I will incorporate it there and then.  Delivery a bespoke massage treatment to suit your health needs.

There are four main treatments here, outside of the work of business to business.  This page is deactivated to people looking to gather a sense of which treatment would best suit them, but if you are a corporation there’s no harm in having a read to see what I do, before heading our to your page.

Client, yes that you.  You have arrived a Disney land and don’t know what to experience first.  It’s ok.  It doesn’t really matter which one you choose.  I can adapt treatments and modalities and even use them all!

Thai Massage

This style of massage has fours main elements; massaging of the large muscles, the energy lines, manipulation (movements) of the joints and stretching the limbs.

Together they work to derive at three results, an inner energetic, healing response, increase fitness of the muscular skeletal body and all benefits of western massage of working on the muscles.  

After a Thai massage one may feel like there have been. on holiday, a hatha yoga class as well as received a massage.  This three-in-one effect can be quite mind blowing.

It was created the monastic ordained of the Buddhist order, from the influence of Yoga.  Therefore it is known as the daughter of Yoga and it respects the dignity of the receipt (Asian culture), thus its traditional form is done with clothes on.  Although in later years when it spread to the south,  the southern style was born which incorporates the use of oil.

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  • Who does it best suit
  • What can one expect in a treatment.

Holistic Massage

The name is derived from the fact that this form of massage integrates many different healing modalities to give the recipient a sense of a whole, rather than the disconnected versions of ourselves we often walk around feeling.

The goal within the session is the bring about ‘homeostasis’. This does not mean it has to take a full hour or the it will go on for two hours rather.  Rather, the subject matters have been taken care of and a balance between the physical, emotional and mental side have been reached. For you to make accurate plans lets say it will be 70-9- minutes.  This form of massage includes all of the following healing modalities to bring about this effect;

  • Remedial
  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports
  • Therapeutic
  • Reflexology
  • Polarity
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Reichian Therapy
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Rolfen Technique

Having been trained by a Reichan teacher I am quite a physiognomy in my approach to bodywork, hence I work with all I have to achieve a holistic end to support one’s body, emotional, mental and personal development of my clients.  In practice this means I offer a bespoke service.


Onsite Massage

Traditionallly know as Indian Head Massage as the West grow more knowledgable and accepting of massage due to it’s beneficial effects.  Through education and scientific research it’s been proven that preventative care is better economically then injury care, thus increasing productive and moral between employees and employers.  This has had a huge effect on the massage industry breaking into the corporate world, which has has slowly lead to it being know as ‘On-site Massage’.  With the changing of it’s name by many therapist and holistic schools to ‘Onsite Massage’ for the obvious reason that you can receive it at your desk.  No oil or equipment is needed, although a ergonomic chair has been a great invention because it gives a sense of weightlessness.  As you, the recipient are suspended off the ground and supported on a comfortable frame.   On such a chair the receipient head is supported in a face hole not seen by any on lookers.  So you’ll be able to chill in public arena without feeling like you are being peered at.  Therefore its perfectly acceptable for;

  • Corporate businesses and events
  • Indoor and outdoor fairs & shows 
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Shopping malls



Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?
Is a form of healing to heal that function to restore balance in the body and the mind.  In other words, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides of ourselves.

What Is Healing?
Is any technique to works with energy.  This may be in energy around us, that which we can not see or the energy with our body/ mind.  Either way, a system of healing may channel, disperse, connect, cleanse a ones energy.  Which can also been known as Chi, Prana, Unerversual energy.

How Does It Work?
Science have established we are made up of more than flesh and bones.  Having found that specific parts of our bodies are conducive to receiving and eliminating energy.  Such as our hands, feet and seven energy centres, known as chakras or energy wheels.  And smaller ones know as nadis.  Even the pores of our skin passes energy too and fro.  Along with the element of air, moisture and heat. Therefore whatever kind of healing a therapist practices it has a direct effect on the recipient because as a sentient being, living and breathing we are naturally connected to energy.  

Due to its nature it is still available – long distance.

Cost £50

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About Me

About Me

If your still having doubts or perhaps you are filled with curiosity, pop over to the about me page.  Where you can stroll down, to read my story.  It’s kinda displayed in the chronologically, but by no means is it a memoir.

However you might just find something there that will put you at ease! About whether or not I am the therapist for you.  I say therapist because the word ‘Massage’, for some implies that I moistures people for a living when I don’t.

A friend of mine once said my work resembles that of a body psychologist and a women once said to a colleague of mine, while she proceeded to point me out ‘do you see her, walking across there, the one wearing......... She is a real medicine women’.

Anyhow enough blowing my horn.  As you can see from all the spelling and grammatical mistakes I made this site myself.  So I have no body to write such wonderful things, form a third person], perspective.