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Holistic Integrated Swedish/ Remedial Massage
Reiki Healing

I had two Reiki sessions and one massage from Dionne.  Her Reiki sessions blew my mind!  Hear reading of me was really powerful.  Dionne made me feel really comfortable and safe which I really appreciated!  The massage was fantastic - much needed after a dtressful period!  Dionne is really knowledgeable and skilled in her practice.  I really recommend her!

ReikiAnna Clare

Thai Massage

I have MS and have needed a regular massage for many years to release stress from my body -- about 10 years ago I was looking for a new masseur and found Dionne's name in the registered list.  I'm used to masseurs anyway but Dionne has an infectious sense of humor that would put anyone at ease.  She is easily the most accomplished that I have experienced -- and I have tried masseurs when traveling in India, Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her great ability is to combine practices from several different schools of massage to suit the individual on that day -- for example joint manipulation, intense pressure, Meridian lines, and the usual techniques from Swedish and sports massage.  I loved the fact that you never knew exactly what she was going to do during a session, whereas most masseurs are very predictable.  She makes a point of caring about you as an individual and takes time to find out how you are before beginning the session -- her compassion is deep and sincere.  She doesn't hold back from telling you how to look after your body better.  I would recommend Dionne without reservation to anyone.


Howard Chapelin

Thai Massage

I found my Thai massage experience truly amazing. My first words were simply "wow wow wow". What I enjoyed the most was that I was able to be in complete state of relaxation and complete peace. I find it difficult to meditate as my mind often wonders. However, I was able to during this experience.

I found Dionne calm, caring and very passionate about her gift of helping others. Dionne gives her all during the session and you easily feel her strong presence. Dionne offers a lot more than 'a massage' Dionne offer fantastic Holistic and wellbeing advice to support a Healthy and Holistic lifestyle. I recommend that everyone takes the opportunity to experience a Thai Massage as it allows you to remove both mental and physical stresses on the body.

I felt very calm and peaceful after my session- a feeling that I have found nearly impossible to achieve elsewhere.

Kind Regards

Kara Thomas
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Holistic Massage Review

Holistic Massage

Dionne is an excellent therapist, she is professional and takes care of clients, being considerate of various specific and personal needs.  I always leave feeling a lot more relaxed and with my muscle tension greatly reduced!  Highly recommended.

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