My Sound Baths & Healing Journey

This page is dedicated to my Journey with sound.  Starting from the beginning of which instruments, first caught my eye, stirred my loins, touched my heart and which I first purchased and learn’t to play.  The order of the vlogs on facebook are not in the chronically order here.  Nevertheless you will get a picture of the types of sound baths you can except to experience at an event and some of the reasons why I have chosen to play a particular one in a Yoga Nidra, besides it’s tonal range.

Introduction to the Shuruti Box

When I heard this sound of the Shuruti box on my Yoga Nidra training course I immediately recognized it, although I didn’t know the instrument.

Perhaps it was familiar to me because of some popular Indian artist I’ve listen to over the years or the Ragas I’ve heard when I visited India.  But there was definitely a knowing.

A deep knowing, as the sound cradled me in comfort, like a warm dry blanket on a wet rainy day.  It lifted my spirit/ mind the way clouds part to reveal warmth and the shine of the sun.  

And when I was told the story of is origin (which I thought was purely Indian), something was acknowledged within my blue print.  

My name is Dionne Roberts, which bring me to share with you the heritage of my slave ancestral slave name, that is ‘Roberts’.  For those of you who don’t know a black persons last name is the last name of the slave owner (master) who last owned them, which is why Malcom X named himself ‘X’.

Therefore my name Roberts originates from Robertson which before goes back to Scotland.

I remember the time I went to Scotland and found this out it was on a little coast.  Along with that information came the name’s crest and tartan, but more importantly for me was the tiny little prison cell I stubbed across.  All intact with iron cast chains and blots which made me throw up!  My boyfriend had to get me out of there asap.

I never forgot that experience, but I did forget the family crest and tartan pattern.

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Vlog  no 2

Introduce the ‘Tingsha Bells’.  

The Tingsha Bell was the first thing I brought because the purchase made it accessible, plus the location of my Yoga Nidra training had them in their shop.  The accessible price wasn’t the only reason why I purchased it first.  It was because I never thought I would play anything else.  Whereas I knew this sound was vital for me to be equipped with as a Yoga Nidra artist.

Vlog No 3

Introduction to Koshi Chimes &

Video Coming Soon

Vlog No 5

Fall in love with taking care of your

Mind. Body. Spirit.

 Introduction to Singing Bowls

The weekend I purchased my first Singing Bowl was the same weekend I purchased the ‘Shuruti Box’.  Equalising my love for both, they would be no competition between them each struck me on my training course.  My diploma was done the same year I had a total, radical hysterectomy.  While laying in my next my teacher played the bowls for the second time and the strike of one particular Blow made my root chakra expand and its frequency bonus of the temple walls.  I was no longer numb.  And the vibration, although felt, intact deeply, caused no pain.

It was soothing and alive simultaneously.

Vlog No 4

Video Coming Soon

The power of the instrument with the methodology of Yoga Nidra only needs minimal action to send ripples through you, driving & grounding its message, home!

To listen to it please make yourself comfortable, preferably reclined, with your back, knees and head supported (like in Yoga Nidra) and make sure you are warm.

Vlog No 6

Introduces the Frame/

Shamanic Drum.

In this live video I’ve chosen to give you a sample of how I might use it in a Yoga Nidra session, for manifesting what’s known as a ‘Sankalpa’.  A resolve.  A method of actualising our deepest desire that which is in commune with our highest self. 

Although I may write more about the use of Shamanic drumming and its nature, for now, enjoy the simplicity of this sample.  In which you will feel the effectiveness of me using the drum in a light and soft way. 

Yoga Nidra Samples