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Yoga Nidra

Dream Yoga, Sleep Yoga, Psyche Yoga…is truly magical.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Are you suffering from stress, chronic pain, anxiety?

Have you tried meditating, but find it difficult?

Are you turned off by physical Yoga or suffering from an injury?

Do you wish to improve your memory or/and unleash your creative self?

Yoga Nidra includes no movement, stretching or strengthening. All you need to do is lie down in a comfortable position and be open to receive all the benefits. This deep relaxing technique will rejuvenate your body/ mind and heal you on an emotional level.

It is a power practice of the mind, but it is effortless and is deeply effective on the body which will remain in ‘shivasana’ pose (lying down).

In Yoga Nidra you’ll experience a state known as ‘the witness self’, whereby your awareness is suspended between the stages of dream and sleep. This is why you will feel like you’ve been on a little holiday……a restful state, a place away from your daily problems, while solving them at the same time. When you come back, you are renewed and more detached, which enables you to see things more clearly. You will feel energised, yet grounded.

Your body is renewed on a cellular level, hence 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to 2 hours of sleep. In this 2.5 hour event your will receive a 20 minute Nidra, a forty minute Nidra accompanied with a mini sound bath and an opportunity to meet others and share your experience of the journey you received.

In this state your muscles soften, giving you the same results of a massage. Some would say it is even deeper, because the effects of sound healing will transmit and vibrate within you, for days afterwards.

Sound Healing

In my repertoire you will hear different sounds, such as: shurti box, singing bowls, percussion instruments, shamanic drum and the naked voice. These musical instruments will be used either as sound effects to enhance the theme of the Nidra; by way of a Sound Bath or played over you to aid healing.

Sound Healing is a growing phenomenon that you don’t have to believe in to receive its positives effects. Just sit back and enjoy!

The Benefits of Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing


Rejuvenates & rebalances your systems

Relaxes your body

Unleashes your creativity

Clears your mind

Ignites deep healing

Inspires personal growth

Emotional healing

Reduces physical pain

Sooths your nervous system

Releases energetic blocks

Increases your concentration

And much more.

My Work

My Yoga Nidras are rarely abstract, I tend to be inspired by the calendar year we live by, seasons, festive holidays, healing techniques, life as well as life beyond. Hence you will experience a movement of mental lucidity between a dream/ sleep, state of awareness.

Type Of Tickets Available

No drop-in’s/ walk-in’s available on this occasion. There is a cap on ticket spaces.

You now have a choice to purchase a single ticket for either session at £13.50 or a standard ticket which is now for both sessions for the usual price of £22.00. Not including ticket sellers fees. If you choose to attend the first session – after you’re arisen please make your way to the nibbles, quietly as you leave the room. Feel free to help yourself to a cuppa downstairs (leaving a donation at the front desk), if you wish further assistance. If you intend on joining the group for the 2nd session please wait quietly outside the room or the centre. I will let you in when it is time. Please do not talk as you enter as this will disturbe others who have transitioned into a quite, still place.

Loyalty cards

Allows attendees to form a sense of community, to grow a Sangha. By first turning up for yourself.

To a place you can be at rest. In silence, where one experience stillness that translates as subtle movements in your body as you lie on your mat. Deepening your connection to earth, you give yourself and in return gain support, nourishment and insight.

To behold such a membership card, you’ll belong to a club that facilitates all of this and more. As you save ££:pp

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This is a fully equipped venue, but for your own comfort, you may wish to bring your own blanket, pillow and 2 cushions that would better for your comfort.


Please arrive on time so you may be admitted without a problem. Some Nidras’ can induce ‘out of body sensations’ so if you suffer from a mental health condition of disassociation, I do not advise the practice of Yoga Nidra for you.

TransportPlease check parking restrictions and be mindful not to block anyone.


Policy Refunds are down to my discretion, for example if it can be down 7 days priory to the event. This means you‘ll need to message me 10 days before so I have time to pick up your email or msg in advance.

Secondly – I’m always happy to refund a regular attendee, without a doubt.


Are accepted if you are a regular customer, which means I have your number saved in my phone. If that not the case then you must not be a regular.