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Restorative Yoga Workshop



Restorative Yoga Workshop


Restorative Yoga

  • No stretching
  • No strengthening
  • No movement

You can stay in a pose from 5 – 20 mins. Breathing, exploring the subtle movements of your body internally unraveling… and the thoughts in your mind.


It’s reaction to Soundscapes that will accompany the workshops, mostly at the end of the day or in a 20 minute pose. So I’ll see you then

2.5 Hour workshop of restorative yoga will be a good introduction to Restorative Yoga , me and how I work and sound as a healing therapeutic tool .


A short intro and demo of how to set you pose up.

Yoga session (each pose is demonstrated)

Short break 15 mins

Yoga Session (each pose set up is demonstrated)

Sound Bath

Restorative Yoga

Is a form of yoga (union of body and mind) thats designed to encourage the body to rest. It is in this state of rest (not relaxation) that the parasympathetic nervous system can increase, to the point it is heard and held more strongly within the body. Overrriding the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for activity.


Every pose is done with ample support. Bring blankets, pillows, towels of all sizes.

Sound Healing

In my repertoire you will hear different sounds, such as: shurti box, singing bowls, percussion instruments, shamanic drum and the naked voice. These musical instruments will be used either as sound effects to enhance the theme of the Nidra; by way of a Sound Bath or played over you to aid healing.

Sound Healing is a growing phenomenon that you don’t have to believe in to receive its positives effects. Just sit back and enjoy!

The Benefits of Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing


  • Rejuvenates & rebalances your systems
  • Relaxes your body
  • Unleashes your creativity
  • Clears your mind
  • Ignites deep healing
  • Inspires personal growth
  • Emotional healing
  • Reduces physical pain
  • Soothes your nervous system
  • Releases energetic blocks
  • Increases your concentration
  • And much more…..

Loyalty Cards

Cosy Yoga Club has come out with a membership loyalty card. With this purchase you’ll be entitled to use it to gain 5 (1 hr) sessions/ events at any location in which I teach. As a thank you to your loyalty. This gives you a saving of £29.60 that a whole event free, including fees.

Membership loyalty cards sold and valid for this class, must you must text your R.S.V.P to notify me of your attendance as the studio is small and we would be gutted if you couldn’t gain entry.


Are not accepted either due to the small group’s availability.


Is restricted in the residential neighbourhood, just off the high street, but I don’t you’ll have much trouble at 10.30am which in when the workshop begins.