On-site Massage

  • Has been proven to be beneficial in the work place because it’s an effective way of cutting down cost of;

  • Sick pay and general absentees

  • Injury prevention

  • The popularity of such a service unites a company’s employees and employer

  • Increase moral

  • Build trust and team spirit

  • Act as an incentives to employees, thus they willing give back.

  • It’s been proven that when a working environment it healthy, rewarding, ergonomically designed well, the need of the employees are meet and so there is an significant reduction in stress related problems and a profound increase in productive.

  • All that is needed to accomplish these benefits from your team is the space for a chair or permission to receive it at their desk. 

    If you content to increasing the productivity in your work place then get in touch I’d like to help.

The information I will need will be;

  • The size of the team you would like me to work with ?
  • The location of your premises ?
  • Whether there will be a deadicated space, room or is I will be treating your employees in their own chair at their desk ?
  • The time alot allocated for each person ?
  • How long would you like me to be there ?
  • Is this a one of occasion or regular.  If it is regular are you think once a wee, fortnight or month ?
  • Will the company be paying or contributing ?
  • What is you budget ?