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Dionne Roberts

Dionne Roberts

A meaningful life is a life well lived!
Bio - Let me introduce myself - I am a survive, an artist and an dancer, a creative entrepreneur, a Yogini, a traveller, a dreamer, a Bodhisattva and a entrepreneur. I've worked in Europe, Indian, South East Asia and South America. I’ve also work with big corporations like banks, private companies, the NHS and leisure industry, social enterprises and charities. I've loved it all because each-time I followed whatever purpose I was meant to be filling at that time, which is another reason I love what I do and now I’d like nothing more than to share it with you. These offerings you see on this site have come directly from my heart. Born out of my own personal experience. From my knowledge as well as the trainings I have had to equip me to support you on your journey. Thus preventing you from having to experience my health story. So if you’d like me to walk along side you, assist you to maintain your health, sustain your vitality and find a better work-life-balance I will be honoured .

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Pop Up Massage Venue

My work as a masseuse came naturally after I injured my back, training as a contemporary dancer.  To my surprise I learn’t that people actually made a living from massaging others.  Before then I thought it was as a household activity, like watching TV.   Since I had received a back massage from being a baby up until the age of eleven. 

The same therapist who treated me all taught me became my first teacher.  I came to realise in those early years that I was an natural and my qualification where a mere formality. 

Nonetheless I now have seven diplomas each born out of a highlight from my life.  Therefore in a session with me you can expect to receive a treatment with great knowledge about the inner workings of your body, pain, reaction and effects, whether I hands on or not.  With my childhood experience being what they where, my own health being what it is and twenty years experience as a therapeutic masseuse I am well versed in the body/ mind symposium.

Yooga Nidra Soundscape Healing Artist

For these reasons my work is a conversation of mind and body and not a technique placed on either of them.  Similar to my Yoga Nidras they to are not abstract constructions of the technique.  Instead a weave of either therapeutic modals, an object of contemplation or the subject of nature.

This is how it creatively full fills me as an artist and why my work moves people.  The power of Yoga Nidra (Yoga of Sleep) is so deep in itself so when its coupled with a healing theme the changes on the subconscious mind is profoundly magical.

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“follow your bliss”  Joseph Campbell