• Are you sick, injured or living with a chronic disorder
  • Do you often feel tired and don’t know what to do about it
  • Is your health or the health of your business in energetic debt
  • Are you looking for something that can make your events shine
  • Have you realised the importance of maintinace and preventative care

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    I am here to help you replenish, repair & rebuild so you can live in harmony by;

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    Or experiencing the benefits of this magic practice of Yoga, either for yourself,

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    Be it in the leisure or entertainment, corporate or trade industry. My therapeutic massage packages can heal/ pamper, reward or nurture both you and your guests.
    Whether you are being treated on a >stole > onsite chair, or > a massage table.  Each environment will make a difference to not only your day, but your whole week or month.  Depending on whether you had a 10 minutes or 90 treatment.

    Be it a retreat (either hospitality or work related workshop), leisure, entertainment or trade.
    The world of Yoga is vast! so I’ll quickly tell you about the golden nugget of my work – It’s to transform!  Make an embodied impact on what you do next.  Through using a technique called Yoga Nidra (Soundscapes ) – The Yoga of Sleep. This part of my business is called Cosy Yoga, so you’ll do well to remember this as you stroll through the site and see it on social media.


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    20 Minutes of Yoga Nidra is

    The Equivalent of 2 Hours Sleep.


    People have such a profound shift during a session, be it a massage treatment or at a Yoga Nidra event that I find it would be impertinent of me to try and capture their testimony in any other way.

    Therefore instead of asking for the identities to be used or worse, filming them.  I ask to record them and ask that they keep their autonomy.  This way they are free to speck openly from their heart to mine, before the intellectual mask of our identities are placed back on. 

    Here is what some people have to say…..

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