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To help relax your body, clear your mind & re-energise you.  Plus I wouldn’t want you to miss out of treatment discount offers and Yoga Nidra event, classes and courses.


To Declog Body Mind who is also the creator of Cosy Yoga.  I’d like you to know you have just found a place that can help you relax, reboot and reharmonise in more ways than one.  No matter your location there is something here for you to help you achieve, just that.

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People have such a profound shift during a session, be it a massage treatment or at a Yoga Nidra event that I find it would be impertinent of me to try and capture their testimony in any other way.

Therefore instead of asking for the identities to be used or worse, filming them.  I ask to record them and ask that they keep their autonomy.  This way they are free to speck openly from their heart to mine, before the intellectual mask of our identities are placed back on. 

Here is what some people have to say…..

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